Affirmations are positive statements and support you in transforming your mindset and way of thinking.

With affirmations, you can re-program your subconscious mind with the ideas of your superconscious mind.

When creating your soul aligned dream life it is all about getting into alignment with your higher self.

Whatever you believe becomes a self-fulling prophecy.




The best and easiest way to start transforming your belief system is with affirmations.

Affirmations allow you to:

  • Feel better because of a positive way of thinking.
  • Manifest what you desire.
  • Create a new belief system.
  • Have the inner strength that you need to live your dream life.
  • Do what you want with confidence.

I started using affirmations after I googled positive thinking years ago and I have been using affirmations ever since.

Having a positive mindset goes a very long and joyful way.
It’s the best!
Not only does it lead to great mental health you also connect to your true nature: LOVE

Finding and connecting to the Love within.
Loving yourself more.
Praising yourself, by telling yourself nice things.

The better you feel, the better it will get.

Transforming your belief system or mindset is a process of repetition.

When thoughts, beliefs, and words turn in to things, we want to focus on thinking and speaking positively.

Concentrate on the things you do want instead of what you don’t want.

You are free to choose what you think about, what you focus on, what you believe to be true for you and, how you speak.

Negative (self) talk or complaining attracts negative experiences.
Positive (self) talk attracts more pleasant experiences and besides you feel much better in general.

You can transform your life when you start using different words/ statements that raise your vibration and so you can more easily attract the things you desire.

Learn inside how to create your own affirmations and why they work and how to use them and how I use them!

You want to feel strong, empowered and able to speak your truth and life your most Bold and Extraordinary life.

YOU CAN make positive changes in every area of your life.





Want to feel empowered to express yourself?

Thank you for your affirmations  in the Vortex because of you 😘😘

Suzanne Deering

Takeover Reality, https://www.suzannedeering.com

Most of all affirmations are total fun and over time it becomes so easy to think positive and feel amazing, radiant, energetic, vibrant, sexy and alive.

Bold and empowering affirmations that you can expect

I am Loved.

I am worthy.

I am Bold.

I approve of myself.

Everything IS working out for me.

I attract success into my life.

I have the strength within me to accomplish my goals.

I have a positive mindset.

I am in great health.

I trust myself.

I love and appreciate my body.

I am energetic.

I choose to feel good NOW.

I am strong. I am in charge of my life.

I love and support myself unconditionally.

I am a magnet for abundance in all areas of my life.