There is this old Cherokee story, about a little boy who goes to his granddad telling him that he has two wolves fighting within him. 

One is bad, in my case scared of the new space that I entered, that I created for myself. 

Some hesitation to step into it fully.

One is good, in my case let’s go on with the show, you are ready, you are safe. All you have to do is press play. Nothing scary, you have blogged before, you have live-streamed before, you have offered your services before.

In this old Cherokee story, the boy asked his granddad who of the two wolves will win. 

And the answer is plain and simple: The one that you feed.

I allowed myself some time off and re-energize my body. 

You can read here the sign that my body gave me. 

I didn’t feel at the top of my game as I was moving through some contrast.

Somehow I also can have a deep appreciation for these contrasting moments and move through it quite easily, because I know and understand the purpose of it all. 

Growing and expanding to keep up with the vision that I have and to keep moving in the direction that I desire. There are times where the releasing, transforming and letting go of limiting beliefs is what you do all day. Fully present with my thoughts and emotions. 

Basically telling yourself the whole day, no this isn’t what I am choosing and choosing for a better feeling and loving thoughts instead. 

I can appreciate it because on the other end of the tunnel is the new space, where life is bright again.

Feel light again and also really feel that there is a new space within me or that I reached a deeper level of Love.

I lovingly made some changes in my business and created more space for myself to Be. 

This new space within, with more possibilities, more freedom.

My good wolf is calling me to enter it fully, just go.

‘Start before you are ready’, the only way it can feel comfortable if you enter. 

Don’t listen to your lower-self that is scared, just jump in. All in. 

I feel the energy building up, I smile because I didn’t come for this small game. 

I lovingly keep up with my big vision. Standing still in the same place was never an option, always moving forward, towards better. I always have and always will.

Simone Bold the (limiting) Story Buster.

That is what I do, not only with myself also with my work as a coach. 

I don’t feed the scary wolf, I don’t do limiting stories. I rather just bust right through them from a place of love.  

This creates space, space to breath, space for Being, space for joy, space to do what you love from a place of love and flow, space for your mission. 

That is the only way that you can live your full potential. 

This is nothing but an act of Self-Love, I hope you understand this.

If you want something, yes you have to get used to that. There are moments that feel uncomfortable, this is the growth and expansion, this is the inner-work.

You can feed your fear, anger, the idea that life isn’t working for you or you feed your passion, joy, abundance, well being, peace, serenity, humility, kindness, truth, compassion, feed what is fulfilling and meaningful in your life. 

What is the one thing that you feel hesitated about?

Be Bold and Start before you are ready!




PS. Are you ready to go all-in, feeding your ‘good’ wolf more and more and leaving your limiting stories behind you? 

Create the space that you desire to have, where you can thrive and live your life and your mission to the fullest. 

When you bust through your limiting stories everything accelerates and you find more flow in getting the results that you want for your dream-life.

Do you feel that you are driven, only you just don’t have the right foundation, tools and/or strategies to create and live your Destiny? Shine your light on the world while doing what sets your Soul on fire and create a beautiful lifestyle for yourself completely on your terms.

Then my Bold Living Inner Circle is for you.  

You not only receive 1-on-1 Coaching but you also become part of a very loving and supportive group where you get extra coaching and special content. This will support you in living your Mission.

Coming together in a group and having that sacred space is very powerful and empowering. You will get the results that you want for your life and Business. 


>> Design your Destiny <<

You feel that you are here for more, you have a mission!

You want to live your dream life and do what you love!

You are missing the foundation to build upon?

I got you! 

I easily see where and how you are limiting yourself into moving forward. 

Get ready for a success mindset!!

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I don’t do well with limiting beliefs and ideas and I love to clear up your energy field so that you can embark on the journey towards becoming a powerful creator and live that soul-aligned lifestyle that you have been wanting.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me.