Hi! I thought for this lovely Monday, I would introduce myself and share what I do and how I can support you.


Last week I gave myself the title the limiting story buster. 

My name is Simone and I work as an online business coach and I am all about living your best life.

I am a heart centered person, a real dreamer. I am all about feeling and this is also my special ability. I have a good sense of where you are blocking yourself and I support you in transforming that limiting story into an empowered story. Using various tools, from journaling questions to meditation and visualization, that support you in embodying your best version.  That I share in the Design Your Destiny Coachings Program. 


I mainly work with women that feel that there is more possible for them. Only they find it hard to reach that place where they can express themselves from the heart. One of the common things and fears that I hear has to do with expressing on social media. 

My point of view is that you have something special to share with the world and social media is the platform that you can use to share your gifts. You are not only cutting yourself short, but also the people that need what you have to offer.


Life for me is a game and fun/ feeling good is very important. 

When we want to flow with life, being in the right energy is mandatory. 

So the only thing that I am dead serious about and very committed to, is upleveling your energy so that you have the confidence to express yourself freely and do not let the voice of doubt stop you.


I know how it feels, when you feel that you can’t do what you desire to do or Be the person you desire to be and do what you love, and when you feel like you are drifting away from your dreams.


The number one thing that I always share is to drop the limiting story. Every time you talk about it, you keep it active and this keeps the door closed and you cannot see other possibilities or how easy it actually is to take the next step in life and business.


What I love and appreciate is the freedom that originates when we let go of our limiting story, the glow in the eyes, freedom within heart and soul. It’s just priceless to have freedom. 


Be Bold and choose freedom.




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