I stopped.

For the longest time, I was telling myself that I wasn’t creative and the thing was that all I wanted was to Be creative. 

I admired creative artists, but I knew that wasn’t the sort of creativity that I was seeking.

It’s funny how we feel something inside, without knowing what it will turn out to be when you embark on that inner journey of letting out and expressing what you feel.

I had to stop.

I had to stop lying to myself.

I had to stop telling myself that I wasn’t creative. Now it comes so naturally to me to tell a different story. Understanding that everything that you tell yourself is how it will be. 

I stopped telling myself that I couldn’t do it. I now embrace every challenge, as it makes me stronger, more confident. And to be honest, all you have to do is ask for guidance, because for everything there is an easy solution. The Universe has your back. Your job is to listen and to be in the right energy to receive. 

The story that you tell yourself has a great influence on that.

I stopped using words like difficult and hard. 

I decided that it gets to be easy and that I get better and better at everything that I love doing and brings me joy. 

I decided to Be full of energy. 

I tell myself all these wonderful things daily in my journaling.

You get to decide who you are, who you want to Be.

You have to define, well basically everything in your life.

Set your intentions, beforehand, for everything. 

You are meant to play with your reality, this is one of the meanings of your life, to play and create. 


I stopped believing that reality is this solid thing, I couldn’t accept it. It was contradicting with what I was feeling. Reality is everything but solid, but if you are solid then your reality is also solid. 


Open up, let your energy flow.

Open up, let your creativity flow.


I stopped believing in lack, there is more than enough for everybody.

Like everything, abundance is something you can choose and you will have it.


This rhyme: “Sticks and stones may break my bones

But words will never harm me.” 


Such an effing false statement, the words you tell yourself and others are very harmful when they are disempowering. And they leave deep scars upon the soul and we all have to heal for all the disempowering stories that are surrounding us and that we at one point in our lives have made the truth of who we are. 

Layer by layer filling yourself up with gold, golden light for the universe. 


You have total freedom to decide on something else. 

You have total freedom to say stop, this isn’t what I am choosing any longer in my life.

You have total freedom to be Bold and stand for your dreams.

You have total freedom to create your Epic and Best life.

You have total freedom to Be yourself, do what you love and make money from it.

You have total freedom to Be.


The option is available any given time, to turn things around.

You choose, you decide, you have the power within, you are in control, you are the painter of your canvas.

It’s all you baby, it’s all in your magic and creative hand.

You decide how it’s gonna Be for you.


What is the new story or belief that you can tell yourself? Let me know in the comments! 

Love to hear from you!


Be Bold and tell a better story, you are worthy.


So much Love,


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