I regularly receive pm’s with questions and/or invitations to go for coffee. 

And this is nothing personal or directly directed to anybody personally.

I totally get it, there are also people that I would like to have coffee with because I know it would benefit my personal development. Instead, I have decided to invest in my personal development, I make it a priority without a doubt. 

For over 6 years now, starting from the moment that I decided that I would take better care of my health, my body by choosing a better diet. 

What made me do so?

The idea of being healthy, fit and full of energy when I am well in my 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and beyond.

Change always has been easy for me, mainly because I want things to work for me. Life should be fun and when something isn’t fun I look at what is needed. That is why and how I went from being a party girl to what is called Spiritual at rapid speed. And everybody is spiritual btw. I just decide to connect inside and listen to my Soul and live from my Spirit instead from my ego. I saw the path that was leading me towards my happiness, joy and I started walking, knowing that I wouldn’t regret walking away from what I had. 

I choose for me and what will work for me.

Do we want change? Yes! 

Do we like to change? NO!

Life isn’t like the movie/documentary The Matrix, you’re in a Matrix yes. 

But you won’t get a magic pill that will ignite all your superpowers, give you your dream life, your Soulmate, do what you love, have the income, clients whatever it’s that you’re wanting the most at this moment.

No, you have to do the work, the inner work.

Having a coffee one-time with me or anybody else that is flourishing and showing you that it’s possible to be healthy, happy, feel alive, radiate and attract Love and do what you love with ease, won’t do it. 

Yes, you will have a short boost in energy, that is what we Love warriors do, that is the light and alive energy of our spirit. 

We are Lit up and feel Lit up, radiate it out.

Confronting for some yes, but it is what it is.

Playing small and avoiding as if you have now control doesn’t get you where you want to be. 

Lasting change is a transformational process. You have to understand this, gorgeous.

That’s why I am a Transformational Lifestyle Coach, I support you in transforming your beliefs, ideas, habits, patterns however you want to call it.  

Life is an energetic game, it’s all in your energy, your vibration, your emotions are your teachers and the way you feel matters so much! 

Many things or everything that I teach, we should have learned at an earlier age, this is correct. 

Want to make the world a better place?

Take a look in the mirror and be the change.

When you decide to stay in your shell, avoid the pain, of releasing all the habits, patterns, limiting ideas that are linked to the belief of not being worthy or good enough.

If you hold on to the stories, guess what… Your results will be the same. New year, same patterns.

I saw and see this with myself and yes I take action and decide for something new, let go of what I don’t need any longer. 

I still remember the first time that I said this to myself, I am living the same pattern over and over again. Mainly around jobs, hopping from job to job with moments of unemployment in between. I didn’t do the inner work, so every job would give me the same results. 

I can move around, but you are taking yourself with you. 

This is with work, relationship or any other area of your life the same.

When you don’t transform, the outside doesn’t.

Life reflects back at you the story that you tell yourself, believes that you hold about yourself.

Change the story, change your vibration life your best life. 

We tend to run around wanting to change what’s outside, you can’t.

You can’t change what is already manifested.

When you want a different future, transform what is inside of you and listen to your fucking Soul, because she knows.

When you decide to stay in your shell, you will dry up, shrink and wrinkle all the way up.

You can get all the pretty stuff, but it’s meaningless when you don’t feel good.

Beauty comes from the inside, everything comes from the inside. 

Give yourself permission to shine from the inside out, that is your true nature anyway.

The longer you stay in the shell, the tougher it gets.

The shell hardens more and more with the hours, days, years. 

You might end up saying I can’t do this, life doesn’t work for me. 

You feel stuck, suffocated.

Is this really where you want to go? 

Ask your-Self ask your Soul!!

The Shell is limited, yes it had a purpose for a while.

Now, the time has come to let it go.

Decide on what it’s that really you want, choose what you really want.

Freeing yourself from your Shell, might not always be easy, nobody said that it would be.

But Gurl, when you get to fly like a beautiful butterfly that you are, it’s fucking priceless.

Being in the freedom of Being yourself is priceless.

You are the creator of your life.

I know that you have the strength in you to transform.

I know that you can release that shell, open your heart.

I did and I do continue to be so, release, layer by layer.

I found a way to Be and Do what I love.

Have all the things coming to me and this is available for you also.

Question is: Are you Bold enough to decide for it? 

Support is always available.

Be like a real caterpillar, come out of your Shell. 

Book a free Destiny Breakthrough Session with me or send me pm to start the conversation of you showing your Butterfly wings to the world and shine bright.

Be Bold and decided on what you really want.