Within you lies the power to create whatever you desire.

Knowing that you can and understanding how you actually can create your own reality is the most powerful thing that we as humans can come to understand and live by.  

It’s my mission to share reality creation principals and support those light & mission workers that want to take their Lifestyle and Biz to the next level. You don’t have to stay stuck on the impossible level. Everything is possible, you already are good enough and fully equipped to do what you love with ease. Live your purpose and passion from a place of ease and flow.

Intention setting brings so much ease to your life, biz and on so many levels you get to have what you want with ease and live the way you want to live. 

The most effort is coming into alignment and effort is also relative and for some areas, it’s easier than for others.

When you already have a picture general or not of what your ideal life looks like, as a mission worker; what is that you want to be, who you want to contribute to, your destiny is already here.

All you have to do is decide for it and make it real.

In the process of living and creating your dream Lifestyle and Biz the Aligned way, creating from Soul and making use of the Universal energy of creation that is already within you, setting your intentions is essential. 

When you have the desire to get more out of life, do what you love, but you don’t seem to get yourself in the right space or energy. 

Or struggle to have a flow or hesitation around being visible.

One very important reason for this is because you haven’t set the parameters of how you want it to work for you and what results you actually want. 

It’s like getting in the car, you know your end destination but you don’t turn on your engine. 

Get it. 

Being awake and feeling that you have a mission just isn’t enough.

You have to show up Boldly.

You operated from the space that you are already there. 

You are the center of your Universe, you are the commander of your reality.

It might scare you to live and create in this way, to boldly claim what you actually feel to be true for you. 

Decide on what you want.

The universe always operates on your behave you make it non-negotiable that you will have what you want.

Your intentions, your beliefs you set the directions for your outcome.

This is where you start, you set your vibe, you create the rules.

Everything is energy and by default, your set point isn’t set towards the results that you want, if so you would already be living the life of your dreams in all areas right or be fully satisfied where you are now. 

When you feel that things can or even should better or easier for you, sit down and check if your intentions and beliefs are actually aligned with your desired outcome.

I do believe that this is one of the best lessons that I learned when it comes to deliberate creation. 

If your default settings aren’t set towards having fun, ease, and joy in your life and it isn’t more than choosing for it really. You won’t get that result.

It’s your life, everything revolves around you. 

There isn’t any outside force to blame, the power is within you.

It’s the energy you bring to the table that the universe responds to, up-leveling your vibration is a process that never ends.

It’s your job to connect inside daily.

It doesn’t matter what your project is that you are working on, you can experience true flow and easy when you set the parameters.

When you do your practice of setting your intention you raise the vibration of your energy to the source within you and when you are connected to that, well flow is a result. 

You attract that next creative idea, for a blog, video or whatever other pieces of content, inspiration or whatever for what it’s that you are creating. 

When you want to create something new, do what you love and love what you do, ease is what makes it fun right, flow is what makes it fun. 

Ease and flow are fun and it’s all a choice and available right here right now.

Choosing for something else is ultimately on yourself and injustice on your own happiness.

And life and business don’t have to be like this. 

Flow is our natural state, everything can be easy and total fun when you are doing it. 

And it’s really all about being Bold enough to claim that power, over and over again till you have what you are asking for. 

Setting intentions is aligning your vibration, with the use of words towards your desired outcome.

It’s doesn’t matter what it is your doing, being or creating for your life setting intentions is one of the things that will get you into action and flow. 

So if you want to start and have the outcome that you want, set your intentions, decide, boldly claim and get your motor running.

Some of my everyday intentions even when I don’t feel it right away I still write it down to activate myself.

Today is a good day.

I am a magnet for creativity.

Everything is always working out for me.

It’s safe for me to express myself.

I get to be in a high vibe and flow.

I follow my intuition.

I feel good today.

I allow my day to be fun.

Something good will come to me today.

You can find what works for you.

Put pen to paper in your Journal!

Be Bold and set your intentions gorgeous 

Ps: A result of working with me 1-on-1 is that you get to create and live your life from a place of ease and flow.  Stop struggling for what you want. You deserve to live your Ideal Lifestyle, life, biz, and love. The total package <3 Pm message me now, let’s have a conversation and find out what you need to fulfill your mission with more ease and flow!