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My name is Simone, I am a Life Coach, Mindset Mentor, Reality Creator, and Quantum Thinker. I support the 27+ women who are ready to live more meaningful and fulfilling lives. Together we go on a journey in creating and becoming the BEST version of yourself, by letting go of limitations and shifting beliefs and deciding what YOU want. So that you can create and live your dream life.

I stand for Spiritual Boldness, getting out of that comfort zone by going beyond the limitations and bs (belief systems) 😉 of the mind into ease and joy, inner power, confidence, living your own uniqueness and knowing that there is nothing you can’t accomplish in life.


With focus and deliberate or inspired actions it’s easy to move forward. This is the pull of your future you.

You have to BE BOLD if you truly want to live in freedom and do what you love.

Bold to choose for what you want over and over again.

I found my passion in supporting those women, young, ladies that want to create their dream lives.

The Bold-ones!

You’re here to live your purpose, your mission.
You desire more Well Being, Fun, Inner Peace, Freedom.
You don’t want to settle, because why would you?

Life is now right?! Life is supposed to keep getting better and better, also for you!

My own journey led me to my now core belief that everything is possible, with the right mindset, alignment and following that inner guidance will allow that everything becomes available, you will find the answers to your questions.

It is my purpose to share all that I know, and support where I can, so that you too, can live your very best life, on your terms in your own authentic way.

When you decide to keep moving forward, success is guaranteed!

Because… Feeling Good is your Birth Right

Life is FUN!


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Align with your soul and it will do wonders for you.


Love your Body vessel, it’s your best friend in this crazy awesome journey of life.


Focus on where you desire to go.

Daily Tune-in Destiny Alignment Journal

A Guide to a Conscious Lifestyle

Over 30 tips that support your Alignment, Energy, and Mindset

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