Get out of your ff Shell

I regularly receive pm's with questions and/or invitations to go for coffee.  And this is nothing personal or directly directed to anybody personally. I totally get it, there are also people that I would like to have coffee with because I know it would benefit my...

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Go before you know the how. Just another variation on start before you ready. As I am not sure what it’s that will come through, all I know at this moment is that I want to write. Currently, I am in-between homes and I needed some time to ground myself in the place...

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I stopped

  I stopped. For the longest time, I was telling myself that I wasn’t creative and the thing was that all I wanted was to Be creative.  I admired creative artists, but I knew that wasn’t the sort of creativity that I was seeking. It’s funny how we feel something...

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Introducing myself

  Hi! I thought for this lovely Monday, I would introduce myself and share what I do and how I can support you.   Last week I gave myself the title the limiting story buster.  My name is Simone and I work as an online business coach and I am all about living...

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Time to press play, who do you listen to?

There is this old Cherokee story, about a little boy who goes to his granddad telling him that he has two wolves fighting within him.  One is bad, in my case scared of the new space that I entered, that I created for myself.  Some hesitation to step into it fully. One...

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