I stopped

  I stopped. For the longest time, I was telling myself that I wasn’t creative and the thing was that all I wanted was to Be creative.  I admired creative artists, but I knew that wasn’t the sort of creativity that I was seeking. It’s funny how we feel something...

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Introducing myself

  Hi! I thought for this lovely Monday, I would introduce myself and share what I do and how I can support you.   Last week I gave myself the title the limiting story buster.  My name is Simone and I work as an online business coach and I am all about living...

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Time to press play, who do you listen to?

There is this old Cherokee story, about a little boy who goes to his granddad telling him that he has two wolves fighting within him.  One is bad, in my case scared of the new space that I entered, that I created for myself.  Some hesitation to step into it fully. One...

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Listen to your own boundaries

My knee pain. My right knee pain and what I am learning from it.  Your body is an excellent translator of what is going on. It lets you know if you are heading in the right direction or not! When my knee pain came back after almost a year, I immediately knew something...

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Are you looking for a sign? The light is already green!

I was standing in front of a traffic light.  Nothing unusual, I was just standing still and enjoying the September sun on my skin. Then I noticed on the other side of the intersection, a young man on his motorcycle.  He was also waiting, somewhat impatient and...

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Moving forward is easy when you are in Alignment

If you want to make it happen, your life that is! You set the direction and you take action. What makes it difficult to take action, if you are what I call a light warrior. You feel that you are here for more, you know that you want to do something meaning full, that...

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