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You have a strong sense that you are here for more.

Your life is okay, but you have a passion in your heart.

You want to live a life where you can experience unlimited freedom and follow that feeling that you feel so deeply in your Soul.

You want the freedom to do what you love, live a happy and fulfilled life.


   Often the biggest hurdle that we have to overcome is to decide and start.

You feel what you feel but:

– You really don’t know how to start or what’s next.
– You feel stuck.
– You feel your potential, but you lack the tools to move forward with ease.
– You wonder how you can make it happen to have fun soul-aligned clients, fun project, sell your art or meet the right people for co-creations.
– You are in your head, thinking, overthinking but nothing comes up that get’s you moving.
– You fear to market yourself.
– You lack the confidence to show up and be bold.
– You want to be more open and let your energy flow.
– You fear that you might fail.
– You fear your own success.

What I often notice with powerful creators is that they get lost in their overthinking.

They already feel that they are connected to there Soul, this is why they want to live a life that is driven by purpose.

At the same time, it’s overwhelming and a lot of overthinking is going on.

This makes it difficult to find the clarity they need to move forward.

They have unconscious beliefs that result in self-sabotaging behavior and no momentum is created.

All though they are motivated and have to the desire they struggle with putting themselves first.

Life is a vicious circle that feels difficult to exit.

Missing the tools and understanding how creation works.


The reason and the solution for all of this is Alignment.


Without Alignment reaching for the successful results feels like a lot of efforting.
You are working hard to get things moving, but not is moving.

To have the results that you want:
Clarity of where you are going, no more running around in all directions, a complete focus on the end goal.
∞ You will be able to put your mission and vision first.
∞ Inner peace is inner power and will allow you to stay the course.
∞ Able to see what is beneficial and what is distracting.
∞ Connected to your potential, the feeling of being carried.
∞ From surviving to thriving.
∞ Know that the life that you are living belongs to you.
∞ Trusting yourself and your intuition.
∞ Honoring your boundaries.
∞ Do what you love how you want to do it with ease, flow, and joy.
∞ From alignment the right strategies and action flow.
∞ Unstoppable inner drive.

Received a breakthrough session and I loved it. Simone points out the exact steps needed and she is very kind and loving. Totally recommend her. She does what she needs to do. From alignment and she stays present. Very insightful! Thank you, Simone!!

Ylva Nerissa

6 Months Design Your Destiny

For better results in Live and Business.

Have the self-confidence for structural and continuous growth.

“As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.”

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

6 Months Soul Alignment Coaching that will transform your Destiny and allow you to live your most Bold & Epic Purpose Driven Life.

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all program.

This is a specially tailored program for you!

Different modules presented in the form of video’s, audios and a customized pdf workbook.

The modules will certainly include the following.
1. How to deal with insecurity?
Become Confident and Bold.

2. What do you really want?
In all areas of your life; lifestyle, business/career, relationships, money, personal development and everything else.

3. How to transcend limiting ideas & beliefs, that are blocking you from stepping in and up and move forward.

4. What is your new story?
How do you stay connected?

5. Quantum Connecting.
Meditation and Visualization.

6. Create your reality.
Alignment and action, what are your day to day actions.

7. Living light, Body talk, Self Care.
From food to relaxation.


When you do what you love, live your life and create your business from a place of alignment you will:
» Attract Fun Soul aligned clients, are able to sell what you want to sell with ease, have cool project lining up, manifest all other things for your personal well being.
» Reach your desired income.
» Deeper Soul connection.
» More clarity.
» More Well-Being & Abundance.
» More Freedom.
» Able to express your voice with ease.
» Do what you love and get the compensation that you desire.
» Feel good, read amazing 😉
» More ease, joy, and fun.
» Stronger connection with your intuition, more trust, and faith.
» Do what you love and get what you desire.
» Show up Bigger and Bolder.
» More authenticity.
» Laugh more
» Out of your head into action!!


What to expect?
» Intuitive guidance and support, with all the tools and insights to transform your mindset and raise your vibration.
12 1-on-1 Coaching Session (take as long as they need).
Unlimited voice messaging and email support.
Don´t be surprised if I randomly email you with whatever that needs to come through.
» I can read your energy and help you shift through limiting beliefs.
» I hold space for your desired reality.
» Supporting you in finding what works for you.
» Free access to all online program in the time frame of working together.


Sessions are for your Alignment.
♦ We evaluate your progress
♦ Connecting more and more to your mission.
♦ Discuss what your next action steps are.
♦ Support you in staying in the energy.


This is for you!
♥ You know it in your Soul.

♥ Ready to shine and share your love & light with the world?
♥ You are ready to transform your ideas, beliefs, thoughts, and level up.
♥ You want more and you know you can do more » Show up more Boldly.
♥ You are committed to making a long-term commitment not only with me but with yourself foremost.
♥ You’re ready to let go of your mindfucks and willing to see things differently and open new doors.
♥ Ready for flow and excited for the new chapters of your life.
♥ You know and understand the value of investing in yourself and are ready to do so.


You start here with the free Destiny Breakthrough Session.

I believe that we all have the right to make our Dreams happen and follow our Souls Destiny.

I want to support you on that fun crazy rollercoaster ride, that over time will get smoother and smoother and more and more Aligned.

You will find your flow.

This call completely free is to see if we are a soul-aligned co-creator match.

We will have a look at what it’s that you need to be able to take the next steps in your life and business and how I can support you in that.

This call will already give you new insights about journey.

This is for you when:
1. You have a general understanding of the law of attraction and how creation works.
2. Ready to let go of the self-sabotage and procrastination.
3. Looking for tools and strategies to create and expand your life and business.
4. You desire more meaning and fulfillment in your life and you are committed to putting in the time and energy.
5. You are willing and able to invest in your own personal development.


This 6 months of intensive coaching journey is valued at €2250,- ex VAT

Your investment is  €1750,- ex VAT

Pay in full Bonus of €300,- ex VAT
€1750,-   €1450 ex VAT

Payment plans are available.


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