My Mission & About Me

This is your life, remember this!

Once you know what is possible there is no way back. This is how I feel about my journey, mission.

It started in late 2014, when I noticed that I was out of balance. Being on clean-diet for over a year, exercising regularly. My body felt healthy, even with all the partying I did back then. I was happy in and with my body.

My mind on the other hand, was all over the place. I couldn’t figure out what it was that I wanted with my life. I felt stuck in my head.

I remember writing a poem about being trapped in my mind and going around in circles, this was early 2015.

Doing the same things over and over again, from job to job with moments of unemployment in between.

I wanted to stop this because I wasn’t going anywhere with my life. Time went by but I was standing still.

I desired to have more income, without having to sell my soul for it. Feeling good and having fun have always been important to me and the options that I saw available for me, weren’t so appealing.

I wanted more fun and happiness and not just on the weekend or during holidays, that didn’t make any sense to me. The rest of the time matters a lot too.

Now I can say that it was such a great place to be for me, I was open for change.

I had moments of real darkness though, that the only way out was maybe to leave life.

Weekends would give relieve, but I knew it wasn’t sustainable.
Being in this dark place I wish that for nobody, it’s painful.

Life is such a gift, and we can accomplish everything we desire.

At the same time, another part of me awakened and it was loud and wanted to be heard. At the time I didn’t know what this was that I felt inside, but it got my attention. Now I can say my Soul, Higher Self or God gave me a wake-up call.

I spoke of becoming an activist. Not sure what I would do, but this is how the energy felt within me.

Funny in a way I already was an activist, because I loved to share the benefits of eating healthy to everybody that volunteered to listen. It made me feel good to share the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, knowing that others could also benefit from it as well.

I still have this loving, life improvement activist energy within me. Love and Empowerment activism 😉

At one point I googled something in the direction of how to have a positive mind and the same day a friend told me I should read Eckhart Tolles’s book The Power of Now. I had a huge break down the evening before and it continued the following day, everything was too much and the relationship that I had at the time wasn’t going so well.

Reading the Power of Now, well the world opened up. Like blue sky after a storm. I can pick my own Fucking thoughts, wtf. This was awesome. I took it all in.

I read more books around how the mind works, personal development, self-development, New levels of understanding or innerstanding because it all is inside.

Found an interest in energy work, that is how I found Access Consciousness. The best lessons from Access Consciousness are choice and possibility. We are free to choose and Everything is possible, and we can ask for greater possibilities.

I got obsessed with the idea that we create our own reality. Our reality or outside world is a reflection of our vibration, what we think, believe and how we feel.

As within as without.

It is possible to reprogram your mind and make your dreams happen. I believe that we all can live happy, joyful and fulfilling lives. If we really start living from the heart and follow our dreams and desires.

When we Boldly go beyond the limiting beliefs, thoughts, and emotions that we hold and that separate us from our inner connection.

Finding alignment with the things you desire.

We all have our own inner guidance system, non-physical support (God, Higher Self, Source, Universe) that is and always will be available to each and every one of us. But we have to line up with it and ask for guidance.

We have the tendency to look at why we can’t have what we want.

Have you ever had that you say you want something and almost in the same second you say why you can’t have it? This is how we are in our own way.

We all have our fears and we have our dreams. Yet we let our fears so easily dictate our lives. We have forgotten how powerful we really are and that it’s safe to express our self in our own unique way.

My mission is to inspire and support as many of you as I can in creating, living your dream life. You can create the best, bold and epic life with everything in it as you desire.

You are worthy of having what you want. Your great potential is waiting to be unleashed.

Everything you want you will find it in that next level, higher version of you, that is already inside of you.

If I can do it, You can do it.

Feeling Good is your natural state, your birthright.

I Look forward in supporting you!


About me…

Well, I love delicious healthy food. I enjoy cooking. I prefer eating plant-based. Daily reading, exercise or yoga are a must!! I go for a 20-30 min walk daily. And when the weather allows it, I go barefoot.
In for good conversations, laughing and having fun!
Currently, you can find me in the Netherlands, but my lifestyle/mission is location independent. If you want to know more, ask and/or follow my social accounts 😉


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